31 January 2013


Jalan-jalan dengan adik di tebingan sungai kampungku, Kg Telaga Air...
Nothing much to tell..just a few photos to show...


That's all...

30 January 2013

Untukmu Teman...

For u...

Album : You And I See
Munsyid : Unic
When your world falls apart
When your pain claims your heart
I'll be there, I'll be around
And I will never let you down

Leave that pain, don't give up
You will fly up high again
Count on me, we are together
We'll make it through this stormy weather

No matter what they say
No matter what they do
No matter what they think of you
You have got me and my heart too

No matter what they see
No matter what they feel
As long as you have got me
As long as You And I See...

Take my hand and take my heart
We can never be apart, now and forever
I won't look back, we'll stay together
Trust in me and we'll fly, don't surrender!

Don't lose hope when you are in need
Have faith in Allah, have faith in Him
So please be tough and please be strong
With all His love you can't go wrong

Lagu: Abai Os.
Lirik: Syalina Ahmad & Abai Os.
Hijjaz Records Sdn. Bhd.

Maybe it's me who need those words right now...we get what we give..we always believe in that..

We keep going forward with with the desire to improve ourselves...to be a better person...

Seek Allah's blessing

Aim to be the best


Innovative and creative


Continuous self-improvement

Forgive and seek forgiveness

Positive mindset and behavior

Passion and courage


Implement full spiritual obligation

Respect others
Proactive and helpful


Sensitive to environment


28 January 2013

Ya Allah, di saat aku hampir berputus asa, kau kurniakan harapan untukku terus bersabar dan berusaha. Alhamdulillah, Thank You Allah...