18 March 2017

Positive Distraction

Assalamualaikum everyone.

It has been quite a while, right?

Lala has done with her proposal defense. It didn't go well. But it's ok...i did my best, so i have no regret. But yea, to be frank, it hurts a bit. 😂

'If i failed after doing my best, i'll have no regret.'

So, today i would like to share about 'Positive Distraction'. I'm not sure whether the term exists or not, but it is something i come up with during my hectic period since end of last year until nowadays.

I am one of those people who didn't release her stress, anger, sadness, or anything of the same through hanging out with friends and playing around, eat, etc. In fact, doing those will only increase the pressure i already have. The reason is simple.

1. Coz i don't have the luxury to waste my time and money for that.
2. I am not a social person, it's awakward for me.

So, what do i do when i'm facing those situations? I study or work. When i lost my focus while working or suddenly can't think of anything or any idea, i'll study. Study will distract me from thinking too much and hence waste my time. On the other hand, when i have problem in my study, or has no inspiration, i'll distract myself from my study with doing my work. Sounded like i have no life, right? But don't worry, i'm living just fine.

That is what i call positive distraction. A beneficial distraction. That's how i cope with pressure in work or study.

*This doesn't mean that i never feel pressured or stressful. I do. Always, in fact. Usually, it is because of people.

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