01 February 2014

Currently Unemployed

Assalamualaikum everyone..

It has been a while...though i'm currently free and single.

I just finished making a catalogue for a stationary store. Otsukaresama deshita. (saying to myself..). I'm not sure whether i did well or not, but i simply make it based on my own preference since i'm not given the specific preferences for the template design, except for the theme color. Next, i'll make a furniture catalogue for my third brother. It's simpler, I guess. This is just one of the ways to spend my time during my unemployment. Unlike other girls out there, i have so much free time since i don't really like doing housework. Bad girl, right?

Other than that, I would sometime help my father and my brother making wardrobe or kitchen cabinet, just when I feel like doing so. I'm better at it than doing housework. 

Haa..while I'm at it, for anyone from Kuching, Sarawak who interested to order custom cabinet or wardrobe for your kitchen, bedroom, TV, etc, you can contact my brother. Then, he'll see the place, ask your preference for materials, color, and design. Then, he'll measure the place, make a quotation and draw a design. You can discuss further with him then. Of course the cost will depend on the material you choose. You can contact him through this number. 016-8830671-Lafizan. 

End of Advertisement.

Being unemployed, I also spend my precious time by browsing job vacancies. After this, when I'm done with my brother's catalogue, i'm going to design and develop an online store website. I wonder how those things can help me in job hunting. When I start working, I might not have time to do those things which I like. So, I better enjoy improving my computer skill. Don't know how would it be useful in my field anyway. Don't you think I should make a revision on labor law, instead? Oh employers out there, I'm here, ready to serve.

# I keep on postponing my medical check up. I guess I'm afraid... I always get male doctor before. And I hardly speak up to ask for female one.