28 October 2012

Just a "no-merit" writing..

Today will be my last day of mid-sem break. After today, i'm going to devote full attention on my Final Year Project, assignments, and prepare for mid-term examination. There'll be not less than a year left for me to end my study in this programme. After this, i will do something that i really want, insyaALLAH.

The things that i studied all this time will not go to waste. Coz even though i don't really have any interest in this field, they're still knowledge worth to be studied. Maa, there's no such thing as unworthy knowledge, isn't it?

After holiday, i'll be having mid-term examination for Career Development in Organization, Industrial Relations, and Performance Management. And there're 2nd assignments for every courses, and Final Year Project. If i use my time wisely this week, i'll definitely be able to finish everything..that's based on my calculation. However, since it's holiday, i'm not sure whether i can do it or not..

After holiday, i'll be listening to people's complaints about having too much work to be done and being stressful for it. Though i personally think that it's kind of irrational after having 9 days break, i'm not going to say anything, coz every people have different ways of thinking. I'm not too good to say anything, by the way...Just do my things and ignore everything that's only worth to be ignored. Even if i'm going to be stressful for not using my time wisely to finish everything, there's only myself to be blamed. That's my beliefs.

*i'm gonna take a break from blogging once again.. take care everyone!

27 October 2012

Holiday's Melancholy

I'm not going back this mid-sem break. I'm not sure what's the reason, i just doesn't feel like going back home. Listening to the 'takbir raya' from the 4th floor of apartment, there's a strange feeling in my heart. I know, i should've gone back,since i have the chance to see them. But there are too many worries inside my mind and i don't want to bring them back home.

Tonight, i want to cry out loud. It has been a long time since i did. I just wanna cry,.. let go off all the feeling. I don't know why i feel burdened, i can't bear with it, and i thought of giving up. Yeah...give up. I've always thought about it all this time. I cried...till i fell asleep.

When i talked about it, people never take my words seriously..It's not easy for me to open up myself in front of the others, but they just never think that i'm serious. I'm seriously tired and hurting. Maybe the way i express myself never seems serious, i wonder..It has been a few months..


But still...till today, i can't get my spirit up...

I'm not going to give up...of course..

I just need motivation..to stay where i'm now, till everything ends..

08 October 2012

Personality test

People tend to believe in convincing words, and words that sounds factual. This type of words or descriptions often used in presenting the result of personality inventory. It's a way to convinced people that that's the way they are. Beware, the result might not be 100% accurate, that's expected... Coz it's depend on our mental or psychology condition at the time we take the inventory. That's why, it's important to make sure that we're in an excellent condition or mood when we're going to take the inventory.  Besides, it's better if we know ourselves, since the questions are asking about ourselves.

These are the example of the result of personality inventory from Signal Pattern's Personality Pattern's Web Application. Click on the link to try it. The test is based on the Big Five's personality theory.


She likes her own company; she's a very interesting person. Tracking her own mental processes, knowing what she's thinking and why she does what she does, is important to her. Often, what's going on in her mind is more compelling than what's going on outside. For the most part, those with a high score on the "introspective" trait enjoy reading, taking long walks, learning new things, and other solitary activities.
She is not someone who is constantly looking to be among a group of friends; she never feels bored when she is by herself.


She enjoys being around others and others enjoy being around her. She has a "live and let live" attitude; because she knows that no one's perfect, she is forgiving and happy to give the benefit of the doubt.
She doesn't feel the need to be controversial or express contrary opinions all the time. She sees no reason to go around rubbing people the wrong way.


She is somewhat shy, or at least unwilling to spend all her time socializing. With her it's true that "still waters run deep," which is why many of her acquaintances never get to know her well.
She is not always ready to talk at the drop of a hat. Whether they're in the office or at a party, they're not likely to be found gabbing away in the middle of a group of people.


She tends to hold onto her thoughts until she has something important to say, and even then she's not comfortable imposing her ideas on others unless she knows they're truly interested.
She doesn't enjoy talking for the sake of talking, and she has no desire to be the center of attention.


She is good at solving problems, coming up with original ideas, and seeing connections between things, connections that most other people miss. People with a high score on the "creative" trait often are employed in such fields as finance and scientific research, and enjoy avant garde and classical music as well as literary fiction and scholarly non-fiction.
She does not shun abstractions and concepts in favor of the concrete and tangible.


She is an honest, fair person. She doesn't lie or cheat to get ahead. She treats others with respect and hope for the same in return.
She does not feel that she is above the rules that everyone else follows; she is definitely not willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead.


She feels it's important to work according to a plan and finish every task, to do things correctly and thoroughly.
She is not the kind of person who abandons a project before finishing it, or slacks off when she has lost interest.


She comes up with a lot of ideas; if one doesn't work out, there's always another waiting in the wings. She often has interesting solutions to difficult problems. she's practically a one-person brainstorming session.
She is less interested changing the world than in dealing with things as they are. Unlike those who spend all their time trying to solve problems, she prefers to zero in on things that work and stick with them.


She is a quick study. She generally doesn't need to have things explained to her more than once. When presented with a problem, she will often have an instant understanding of where to look for the solution.
She does not take her sweet time when presented with a new task to complete or problem to solve. She doesn't avoid assignments that require her to learn new skills.


She is comfortable being by herself, and would often rather be alone than, say, in a crowded club. She doesn't generally succumb to group pressure unless the group wants to do the same thing that she wants to do.
She does not describe herself as "people person," and she's less likely to be found in the middle of a crowd than doing something by herself.

People tend to believe in everything that was being described as they see that there are some ideas that match their personality that they acknowledge. For example;

When we read the 1st 4 statement, and we think it's true, we start to think, "That's true..this test can really describe people's personality.."

When we read the other statement, since we're convinced with 1st 4 statements that are true, we tend to believed in the other statement although they might not be accurate. This is the psychology trick used in the 'tarot card reading' or in 'fortune telling'..They'll 1st apply 'cold reading' technique, such as reading people by their body language, hairstyle, fashion, age, ethnicity, gender, religion, etc. By using these treats, they can accurately or nearly guess an individual's personality. As more people believe that they can tell people's fortune, it build a perception in some other people minds that they are true.

However, in personality test, there's a high chance that the result really describe an individual because an individual is actually telling their personality by answering the questions. Less generalization is used. The one telling the truth or not is the individual's self. We can sometime be confused about ourselves, that's why..

Try it and see how much the test can describe you...it's kind of fun to do it.

Aku nak study psikologi & human behaviour coz i want to understand myself better, and maybe, with the knowledge, aku boleh jaga hubungan dengan manusia..hablumminannas...of course, hablumminallah 1st, coz insyaAllah, dgn mnjaga hubungan dengan Allah, akn trjaga hubungan dengan manusia. I've always been wondering, why do people did this or that, mybe, that's why i want to learn more about human being....