12 March 2015

Looking for a Gentleman

Title xleh blah..

It has been a while...

The other day, I went to buy/ change our cooking gas. The part timer at the shop brought the gas cylinder out in front of the shop.

Then, I said, "Let me help you to carry it to my car."

He replied, "Can you lift it?".

I answered, "I can."

Actually, I was thinking of helping him, since my car was parked a bit far. But, he let me lifted it alone. When I actually carried the cylinder to the car by myself, he just stared at me. He had this surprised look on his face. I wonder what kind of thought he had that time. I expected him to be a gentleman, though.

Macam masa PLKN, latihan menembak. Despite being a girl, I lead the sub group. Oleh sebab aku bertudung, tak dapat nak pasang earplug, of course aku expect budak lelaki akan bagi aku guna earmuff while diorang boleh guna earplug. Unfortunately, there's no such person in that subgroup. Mengalah tu masuk ciri kepimpinan ke? Aku pun menembak tak tutup telinga. Lepas tembakan pertama, took time juga nak recover dari terkejut.

Gentleman, where are you guys hiding? -_-