29 June 2017

M Soc. Sc. Journey

Study plan for 2nd year (Final year)

Tetibe je study plan utk 2nd year...1st year dulu x buat pun. Teehee..

Sem 3 2016/2017
1. Data analysis for 1st data collection - Pilot test done!
2. Improve my research instrument.
3. Getting myself familiar with the reporting template and prepare the template for data analysis report for my thesis writing later on.
4. 2nd data collection. (Actual data collection) -Harap2 ekonomi stabil la untuk tujuan ini. Maklumlah pembiayaan sendiri. Doakan agar dipermudahkan urusan saya ye.
5. Data analysis for 2nd data collection.

Sem 1 2017/2018
1. Journal article writing & submission. (Saya masih x pasti macam mana nak buat artikel ni sebenarnya..maybe sebab i think too much.)
2. Report writing.
3. Thesis writing.

Sem 2 2017/2018
1. Thesis writing & submission.

I know that i'll stuck at thesis writing later on, but i'll do my best to get it right from the beginning, or maybe to minimize the error.


While i am at it, i would like to share my opinion about pursuing master degree for those who plan to.

This is just my opinion.

Doing master by coursework is a better choice instead of doing master by research. Coursework offers a wide range of knowledge in your field and it's very useful for your career development. In contrast, in master by research mode, you're only required to do research and publish your journal article. You don't have classes and you manage your own study/ research. You need to discipline yourself as you have no attendance to fulfilled, no assisgnment, but only your research. For those who don't think you can discipline yourself, don't ever think of doing master by research. Or else, it'll take forever for you to finish your study. (I am doing research mode...i'm not disciplined, but i have this weird nature where i'll cry hard when i do not achieve my target. I'll have regret & i'll be feeling that i'm useless n feel really bad. That's why i push myself hard. Always. For me, crying because life is hard is better than crying because of regret.)

The process of doing master by coursework is the same as doing your undegraduate studies. So, for those who are unprepared to encounter changes in your life, master by coursework would be an ideal choice for you. The probability to extend your study is low as you only need to follow your class schedule and do your assignment and examination. On the other hand, extending your study is very common for research student. You prepare your schedule yourself, for your progress (gant chart) and to meet your supervisor. Since you don't have a fixed schedule, please do not think that it's relaxing. You need to communicate as much as possible with your supervisor, to make sure that you're doing the right thing. (Yea...don't be like me. 😅😂)

You really shouldn't waste any of your time. And i shoudn't be using my writing mood here, but for my journal article writing. 😅

As for me, the reason I took master by research  was simply because of the lower fees as compared to master by coursework. I took the risk, huh. I managed to save just enough money for research mode fees, so money is one of the challenges I face during my study. However, for research student, you will need money for data collection and to publish paper. And at the end of your study, to print your thesis. It would be good if you get research grant/ scholarship/ any financial aid. I have been struggling about this matter since I am currently in the phase of data collection. There is NO MyBrain15 for my intake, so, u really need to save up money for your study. (Only for art & humanities courses. MyBrainSc is still alive.) MONEY is my main challenge up to now. N money is the only reason for me to regret my decision to further my study, sometimes. Only when it's hard, though.

So, that's all for now.

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