26 June 2017

Social Networking: Social Relationship

Hello world!

This is in corresponding with my post in 2009, 'Social Networking'. Again, i'm going to discuss about social media and social relationship.

Everyone knows that social media can be a good thing and also a bad thing, depending on the way we use it. In fact, there are positive and negative aspects in almost everything. For instance, drugs can be a cure, but the misuse of it can bring a disaster. That's quite a simple example.

Getting used of communicating through social media makes people take the importance of talking with people for granted. We started to express our feeling in social media, instead of talking. One thing about reading messages that differ from listening to it is that we can get the expression wrongly, thus lead to misunderstanding and that's usually how relationship turns bitter. "That's the use of smileys", some of you might think so. (Please, don't be stubborn)

As we rely more on social media, we forget about the essence of talking, and the reason of communicating. There's no other comunication medium that can be as accurate as talking. So, talk more, and do not rely too much on social media, especially in personal relationship. Listen to each other and do not complicate things through reading each other's expression.

So, that's all for now.

Eid mubarak to all.



"Oh~my girl!" Sapa irfan sambil mendepakan  kedua tangannya.

"Ouch!" Tak sedar kaki Isfa singgah ke kakinya.
Orang ramai di sekeliling memerhati gelagat mereka.

"Buat apa sini?" Soal Isfa.

"Ouch. That's hurts. I just returned kot.. Jom lunch. I miss u." Ajak irfan bersahaja.

"So he said. Bos, saya lunch dengan dia. I have an important lesson to teach this guy." Isfa membunyikan jari-jarinya sambil menjeling ke arah irfan.

"Huh..it's ok, sir. I just lost my appetite. Take her with u." Lalu berjalan menuju ke kereta.

"Sorry, sir. I got to go."

Isfa melajukan langkah, mengejar irfan. Beg tangannya dilibas ke lengan irfan.


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